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Web-Site Development Cycle

A website, in a way, is a application, which is designed for customers on the World Wide Web. Therefore, for the website to come to its last level, there are various stages through which the website has to go through. The web style procedure can be compared to application growth. There are different procedure designs, which can be used for web style. The common designs include:
System Development Lifestyle Cycle
Prototyping Model
Rapid Application Development Model                                           

UML Based Development Model
However, in most of the designs the procedure goes through the similar stages. In some designs two stages may be put together to create one procedure or a procedure may be separated between two processes. Having said that let's see the stages in web development.

Steps in Website Development Process
Every organization follows standard strategies, modelling tools, structure and languages for creating a website. The strategy for creating a website does not vary a lot from application growth procedure.

Stage # 1 - Details Gathering

The first stage in this procedure is information collecting. It is also the most essential stage, as any miscommunication at this level effects the whole procedure completely. At this level knowing the organization and its actions is necessary. It will also consist of knowing the goals, dreams, potential viewers, material, etc., of the organization. Asking a number of questions will create things better and give a clear review of the actions. Even a small doubt has to be eliminated at this level. This will create sure that there are no mistakes in the end item. Along with information, the exact need will also have to be recognized. It is using the details collected and the need requirements that the website will be designed.

Stage # 2 - Requirement Analysis

After the needed information has been collected, the next stage in web style and growth application procedure is need research. Total research of how the program designed is going to help and replace the existing program is done in this level. At the same time, research also has to be performed to see how the website is going to be combined with the current program. The potential viewers of the website also needs to be taken into account.
Stage # 3 - Planning

The research should be able to come up with a cost-effective program. At this level, the need research group can seek help from web designers, designers and not to forget, evaluators. This will help them to come up with a realistic strategy to perform the project. The website map for the website should be prepared at this level. The whole website may have to be separated into subjects and sub subjects. The department will prove to be useful for selecting the data that needs to be put up on the website. At the same time, a strategy can be lined out for routing through the program. The preparing should continually take the end customers into account. The user interface should be made in such a way, that routing between the different webpages and areas of the website is easy. The strategy needs to also take different forms, pop ups and flash, e-commerce applications, etc., into account and strategy for them accordingly.

Stage # 4 - Design

After the preparing stage comes the web growth stage. In this stage the logo of the organization, colors, background, etc., to be used in the website are taken into account. More than one model of web style will have to be designed. The prototypes are normally shown to the consumer. The customer grants one of the many prototypes and then further perform can be performed on the website. This is a crucial stage in the website growth procedure. The model has to match the need and preference of the consumer. It is best to perform in close sychronisation with the consumer at this level, so that it does not result in difficult situations. The data source group will take the data source specifications into account at this level. The data source style will also be completed simultaneously.
Stage # 5 - Development

After the style has been approved, the actual growth procedure starts. The procedure normally starts with the growth of the webpage. There are prototypes or layouts designed for the other webpages. All the needed elements on the website are applied at this level. Alongside the growth of the website, the data source designers will also perform on data source growth.
Stage # 6 - Content Writing

Website material is an integral part of the website. The material has to be so written, that the customers are drawn to the item or solutions offered by the organization. The website material growth can be allocated to professional material designers. These professionals do article composing for the website, which will take into account style layouts, sentence structure, punctuation and develop relevant and specific material.

Stage # 7 - Testing

Like for any application, the website also has to go through application examining life-cycle. The application examining for websites is more extensive. The examining procedure has to take into account the multi-user program, along with web host server specifications, etc. Web web browser examining is also performed to ensure that the website does indeed perform in all the internet explorer. Both automated and manual examining procedures are performed on the program. After all the in-house assessments have been performed, real-time examining of the website starts.
Stage # 8 - Delivery

After the ultimate approval of the website, the website is delivered. Normally the web development solutions also offer domain name signing up along with web hosts. You may want to look for low price web host to lower the price of the website. The website is submitted on a web host server and the last analyze is performed. The last analyze guarantees that all the necessary files have been submitted and the website is complete.

Stage # 9 - Maintenance and Updating

This is an essential step in the whole procedure. You should keep the website modified with the new specifications. For which the website may have to go through the whole pattern again. In case of any issue to the website, actions have to be taken to remedy the issue at the first.

After the web style procedure is over, actions will have to be taken to improve website visitors. Different actions will also to be taken so that the website is included in the web internet directories, which will help the website with better visitors and customers. Website distribution to different google may also be considered, as it will help to get more visitors to the website.


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